Feb 10, 2011

A-Class News

Flyer F4 is being sailed right now.
The A-Class right now is in 'high mode', lots of new things going on, helping to the growth and promotion of the class worldwide. Felix Egner from Landenberger Sails loft in Europe sent me a pic of Landy's rudder used in the Australian Nats.
Some know by now that Landy was using new rudders at the AUS nationals (pictured left).

He felt the DNA was missing a bit of safety in heavy air downwind so Landy put his wing rudders on.
He was testing them already last season on some races, now they are working as he wanted.They are helping to reduce the nosediving, and with the new downwind trapeze tecnique they keep the bow up in heavy conditions.

Landy at Aus Nats 2011
There is also a big development going on in the rigs of the A too. Softer masts, fuller sails and several new boats to be realesed. Catparts is on a new A project, and in the US the Barracuda from Ben hall is ready.
Felix also told me that a new Scheurer is going to be released soon, first renderings being seen, "this thing will be a weapon, it will have some nice details!"

No updates from Fischer's flying A-Class yet, I've seen the boat almost finished, but Martin was really busy with some trips to France. **Edit: Actually this is a 40' Tri float rudder by Fischer.
More info on Fischer A-Class later.
A known cat builder from Europe is involved in the building process.

Regarding the DNA in 2010 we've seen a lot of pics and reports, but nothing better that an excellent footage from Sailcam.TV- Check their Aus Nats channels for some smooth and performance A-Class sailing.

Wingfox is comming with something new too, and the Flyer F4 proto is already on the water for testing (main photo above)

As Felix says "The 2011 season will be full on with new stuff".

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