Apr 26, 2010

Catsailing Youth: French Style

Romain Bellet and Valentin Bellet - ISAF Worlds 2009

Romain Bellet and Valentin Bellet - ISAF Worlds 2009
Romain and Valentin Bellet were 2nd at the 2009 ISAF Youth Worlds in Buzios, Brazil.
they are also the 2009 SL 16 Worlds Champs, the official ISAF youth Catamaran.

When I wrote about Taylor Reiss last week and the need for spi cats for youths, some told me that it wasn´t necessary to start with a 16 spin cat.
But then again you look at the French sailing schools, where kids start riding the SL 16s, or Hobie 16 with Spi, and then you wonder how is possible to give these kids any less, they don´t need a first step, they need to start sailing full equiped so they can train and prepare themselves for the F18/Tornado/F16 fleets, and of course the A-Class, where kite experience won´t hurt.

Taylor and these french teens are the future of catsailing, Romain and Valentin are now starting to sail an F18... hope to see them in coming F18 Worlds battling with the Pros.

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