Apr 25, 2010

Australian 'Task Force' for the F18 Worlds

The Aussies are coming! So you'd better watch out at next F18 Worlds at Erquy. Bundock-Brewin on the at the Sidney Opera House C2 Photo Andrea Francolini.
In Argentina, now that sailors are getting interested in cat racing and for the 1st time we have a strong local class, people are starting to know more about the cat world, and when for ie they ask who is Darren Bundock, I told them one thing they can surely relate in a second: "Well he is currently the Maradona of cat racing"
If Darren is 'Maradona', then Glenn is 'Messi', Brewin is 'Rooney', Booth is 'Pele' and so on!! ...And they are all Australians, although Mitch will be riding under the Spanish flag with the support of Bernardo Benitez and the spanish fleet. He also won a silver medal for AUS in the Tornado class with Andrew Landenberger, and of course he had race for NED in Beijing too.

Some of the Australian F18 talent for Erquy
- Darren Bundock - C2
- Glenn Ashby - Hobie Wildcat(?)
- James Spithill - crew for Ashby
- Steve Brewin - C2
- Greg Goodall - C2
- Andrew Landenberger - Edge
- Brett Burvill - Edge
- Andrew Mc Pherson - Infusion

Right now it has been confirmed that James Spithill will be racing with Glenn Ashby at the Worlds, James will be crewing. I wrote Glenn to know which boat he will be riding but for sure is going to be a Wildcat, as he used for training the guys at USA 17.

Glenn, James, Brewin and Landy will be also participating at the A-Class Worlds in Cesenatico, Italy and all of them will rush to Erquy after the last A-class regatta and maybe grab a 2nd Worlds for Australia in a row!

Europe has a talent list of their own, but 'Down Under' sailors are on a mission to regain the current most prestigious crown of the catsailing racing scene.

Thank God (and Olivier Bovyn / Pierre Barraud too..) for the F18, that with other classes like the A-Cat, Hobie 16, F16, Tornado , are maintaining the beachcat Flag up for the next generation of Olympic sailors.


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