Apr 30, 2019

Sail GP & the 50knots Barrier: Team Australia reaches 48.13 Knots @San Francisco

One of the most informative, honest and data driven clips we've seen. Excellent insights by Sail GP & Sail GP Australia.
Yesterday they claimed they've reached 52knots based on a hand held gps device but later the F50 own data showed 48.13knots was actually the max speed achieved.
Confirmed by Scott Babbage who kindly shared with us the speed vs true wind data from the first Sail GP event in Australia: catsailingnews.com/2019/02/sail-gp-f50s-boat-speed-vs-true-wind.html

Eitherway impressive performance by Slingby , Outteridge and the rest of the sail & shore crew Teams, watch the entire video , specilaly comments by Slingby on how they felt the F50s platform and handle at those speeds.

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