Apr 29, 2019

F18 Arg. San Isidro Labrador 2019: Day 2 Results

Last 4 pics by Jorge Cousillas / El Ojo Nautico / SIL 2019. -- 21 boats present at San Isidro Labrador 2019 Regatta Edition. The local F18 Class is experiencing a renewed drive with the old guard buying new boats and many newcomers, this regatta we also have the Youth Olympic nacra 15 Champs, Dante Cittadini & Teresa Romairone. Photo above racing a Phantom F18 / Mischa DS , by Jorge Cousillas  Preparing the preseason training for the European Nacra 15 & 17 events, we are more that glad on having them aboard.

Many new teams, who are getting great deals for still competitive boats like the Nacra infusion MK2.
Our current president , Nico Vottero has one and this weekend in light to medium tricky/gusty conditions he managed along his crew Sebastian Cristina some excellent results including a bullet and a quite close to first 2nd place for a 5th overall after 6 races.
Nico recently got a brand new DS mainsail and his performance went up compared to the standard mainsail and later a recut DS I made for him when racing top crews with latest equipment.
Recuts mainsails are a great option to start sailing DS and will elevate your game, but of course if you race against top crews with brand new gear you will have some handicap, --as has always been the case even with standard mainsail comparing brand new vs beat up sails.--

Any case the point being here how a 2006 design by Pete Melvin , updated later with new daggers, continues to perform vs latest designs, same for the 2011 Sail Innovation Phantom F18.

Leader after 6 races is Esteban Blando & Elías Dalli, (Phantom F18 / 1D DS Main / SI Spi & Jib) . Esteban lives 3hs from BA in Rosario so he doesn't have the same amount of racing hours, but every itme the guy comes to participate in major regattas he shows he is one of the fastest sailor in our fleet. Try to get him attend Costa Brava Worlds in June, but Arg economics are bit shaked up right now (for a change? haha, this is our long time status quo eitherway, we are used to it).

Second place overall for Volker-Mehl (Scorpion / 1D) , the current Arg Champs gave away some races with a a dnf on the first one plus an 8th on arriving two minutes later to the start on Sunday's first race, later they scored two bullets establishing a big gap vs the rest of the fleet.

Nice battle at the top, with Blando & Dalli and Volker-Mehl with two different plaforms but same DS mainsails.

Behind them Krevisky-Tigre Benitez (Phantom F18 / 1D) and Salerno-Grimaldi (Phantom /1D)

Full results below, Official event web at http://www.cnsi.org.ar/sanisidrolabrador/resultados-f18/
Regatta continues next week.

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