Feb 21, 2019

Sail GP: F50s Boat Speed vs True Wind Speed Data

Photo by Sail GP ,  Data graph courtesy of Scott Babbage / Sail GP , Click image for larger size - .  Last week we commented on trying to get actual data from the first Sail GP event in Australia. Visually the F50s did good but seemed a bit behind in light winds vs TNZ Bermuda AC50.

Graphical data above depicts BS (Boat Speed) vs TWS (True Wind Speed), and its impressive to see how the F50s reached the 30knots realm from 6 to 10knots TWS. Click image for larger size.

We'll gather next data from Bermuda to compare but wanted to publish as Scott Babbage / Sail GP were kind enough  to supply actual data from Sydney Sail GP two days of racing.

We requested Lift off speed too, and Scott commented: "Lift off speed doesn't change much upwind to downwind, on the light air boards we're seeing liftoff at about 15 knots BS."

Official Sail GP web  sailgp.com

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