Feb 22, 2019

Nacra Infusion F18 FCS: Convertible first flights teaser video

Video sent by Bob Hensen / Nacra Sailing. Teaser flights from same photo session published past Monday. Looking good and looks stable enough, is clear it has a different inertia than say Nacra 17 on its weight. Bob assigns having more stability on being heavier, which is indeed an asset for target intended for the F18 Convertible Concept.

Of course we already asked Bob the due uncut takes, just to see how the platform flows around. But we don't need to see much to declare the F18 Convertible as a complete success in terms of concept proven. Then hours on the boat and fine tuning will improve any initial flights.

A process which is immensely more fun and rewarding  that having automatic wand foiling system. Still the S9 or ifly are suited for those wanting to fly or demand less physical boat handling.

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