Jan 22, 2019

SailGP F50s: One Design & Focus on Sailors skills

Photo & videos by SailGP. - At Bermuda Oracle lost the Design game big time vs Team New Zealand, the performance gap was huge for the Kiwis. For Coutts was also the end of the agreement signed by the rest of the teams to continue a programmed AC36 in AC50 evolutions.
When TNZ lost their heads and decided to target a flying monohull (!? to please Bertelli?) , Ellison & Coutts decided to launch their own foiling multis sailing circus, the SailGP.

The F50s are based on the AC50 platforms with improvements in foil design and stored power. They  are Single manufacturer One Design. Now SailGP is sending a message that their goal is to focus on sailors skills, three videos above are centered on the matter.
While is a honorable goal that simplifies the costs for the SailGP management & logistics the Americas Cup will continue to be the real deal.
We still hope this F50s will be faster than the AC75s, but a One Design fleet will never replace the AC complete Show which includes top notch development and sailors skills altogether.

More details on the F50 launch at https://sailgp.com/news/building-F50