Jan 21, 2019

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2 sets Ushant-Equator record

Photo: Yann Guichard - Donna Bertarelli's Sprindrift Team has embarked on an new attempt to break the Jules Verne Trophy Record (Round the World):
4 Days, 19hrs, 57mins

We'll be following their progress. Meanwhile check video series above featuring Bertarelli. Donna is an experienced catsailor, mainly in the D35 fleet as helm. She funds Spindrift Racing Team but also has the guts to get on board Spindrift 2 global journey as she did last time. Nice clip above focusing on her sensations but shows some great footage of Spindrift past attempt, also pretty didactic.

Francis Joyon / IDEC are the Current record holders: catsailingnews.com/2017/01/jules-verne-trophy-francis-joyon-idec_26.html

Spindrift came short in their first one, but it took Joyon 3 attempts to finally break the Jules Verne Trophy record.

Spindrift official web: spindrift-racing.com