Jan 29, 2019

Nacra 17 @Miami WC 2019: Day 1

All images Sailing Energy / World Sailing.  I had the chance to follow the live gps tracking provided by SAP and one of most interesting moments of the day was seeing Mitch Booth reaching first to the windward mark on his first Nacra 17 MKII big event. What a legend, sailing this time with his daughter Rita Booth, Mitch continues to amaze us.
There are some top notch Olympic sailors at Miami 2019 WC, basically the top three from Rio if any doubt, and is no surprise than Mitch can do good based on his extensive and legendary career.  It is amazing to see this guy getting a new flying double handed cat with his daughter and dominate that fleet to windward just like that.

Later they finished 12th, 15th & 22nd for an overall 17th but of course much time & hours left for them to get used to the N17 MKII and the foiling downwinds. Nevertheless it was a great feeling seeing them up there on the tracking screen and only getting better is left for them from now on.

Mitch continues to build experience with his kids while having (he hope) a great time himself. His Legendary status keeps building every year.

On the racing Albrecht & Nicolmo de Sa from Brazil were the real deal today scoring 1,7 & 1. Waterhouse & Darmanin (2018 winners) got a great recovery with 14,1 & 4.
Iker Martinez is back after the rules controversy, along Olga Maslivets stand in 3rd overall with 2,3 & 6.

Special mention to 4th place, with Tara Pacheco now at the helm, she has been crewing for Echavarri last years and initially for Iker too. Tara is sailing with Florian Trittel and scored an excellent first day with 23,4 & 2. Note the score is already counting worst place.

To watch today's trackings see previous post links.
Top ten provisional after 3 races , complete list here:

PosNationSail NumberCrewRacePoints
1BRABRA 10Samuel Albrecht1-719.002.00
Gabriela Nicolino de Sá
2AUSAUS 2Jason Waterhouse-141419.005.00
Lisa Darmanin
3ESPESP 70Iker Martinez de Lizarduy23-611.005.00
Olga Maslivets
4ESPESP 28Tara Pacheco van Rijnsoever-234229.006.00
Florian Trittel
5GBRGBR 21John Gimson62-816.008.00
Anna Burnet
6ARGARG 1Santiago Lange-216330.009.00
Cecilia Carranza Saroli
7GERGER 369Johannes Polgar39-2739.0012.00
Carolina Werner
8ARGARG 29Mateo Majdalani5-10722.0012.00
Eugenia Bosco
9USAUSA 50Sarah Newberry4-121026.0014.00
David Liebenberg
10FRAFRA 423Quentin Delapierre-1811534.0016.00
Manon Audinet