Jan 30, 2019

2019 Loro Piana Super Yacht Regatta @Porto Cervo to allow +50ft Multis

Photos by Studio Borlenghi / Loro Piana Regatta 2018 edition.  - The renown Loro Piana Regatta at Porto Cervo has amended its NOR  to allow Multihulls above 50'. Slowly traditional scene is opening their doors to Multis. We love big monos and specially wooden classics, but you cannot compare the performance and intrinsic design of Multis vs these beautiful yachts.

A good chance for the recently launched Gunboat 68 and the HH performance line?

Loro Piana Regatta official web: yccs.it/
Info provided by Giuliano Luzzatto . Original doc available here
Porto Cervo, 3 - 8 June 2019
Object: To the attention of: Place: Date: Posting time:
Notice of Race
Amendment 1 All Competitors Porto Cervo 28/01/2019 hrs:13.00
From: Organizing Authority (X) | Race Committee (__) | Protest Committee (__)
Signed: _____________________ ______________________

Note: the changes to the following sections of the NOR pertain to multihulls, which are now eligible for the 2019 Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta.

Paragraph 1 – The Rules
1.1 (b) – delete and replace with: “The ORC Superyacht Rule for monohulls and the ORC Multihull Rule for multihulls”
1.1 (d) delete and replace with: “When a trophy is to be awarded to a class which is racing under class rules (example: Wally, J
Class), the class rules shall apply to all boats competing for that trophy.”

Paragraph 3 – Eligibility
3.1 - delete and replace with: “The regatta is open to the following boats: Monohull sailing yachts with an LOA of 27 metres or
more with a current ORCsy or ORCcs (for Corinthian Spirit Class entries) handicap certificate, Multihull sailing yachts (a
minimum of 4 entries is required) with a LOA of 15.24 metres (50 ft) or more with a current ORCmh handicap certificate, and
any other Monohull classes invited by the O.A.”.

Paragraph 4 – Division and Classes
4.2 - delete and replace with: “Depending on fleet composition, it is the intent of the Race Committee to have a Cruising,
Performance, Corinthian Spirit and Multihull Divisions. The Divisions may be further divided into Classes, depending on the
number of entries, size, speed potential, and performance characteristics of the yachts in each division”.

Paragraph 7 – Handicap certificates & measurement
7.1 - delete and replace with: “A valid ORCsy (for Superyachts) or ORCcs (for Corinthian Spirit Class entries) or ORCmh (for
Multihull Class entries) certificate is required from all competitors. Certificates will be issued to the yacht by the rule authority
(the Offshore Racing Congress – www.orc.org). To apply for a certificate and for additional information on the ORC Superyacht
Rule or ORC Multihull Rule, contact the ORC Office at: orcsy@orc.org in case of Superyacht or orcmh@orc.org in case of
Multihull. The handicap application and fee must be received by the ORC no later than 3rd April, 2019” (30th April for Multihull
Class entries).
7.2 - delete and replace with: “All measurements required shall be submitted as part of the application process for an ORCsy
ORCcs or ORCmh certificate. The ORC will accept declared data when measurement data is not available. The ORC, at its
discretion, may implement hull data from design offices and sail data from sailmakers”.

Paragraph 8 – Registrations
8.2 (a) – delete and replace with: “Current ORCsy, ORCcs or ORCmh 2019 certificate”.