Aug 30, 2018

FP Series @Cardiff 2018: Mackay & Wilkinson 1st

Photos Lloyd Images, more pics at FP Series fb. - Olivia Mackay  & Micah Wilkinson won at Cardiff within some pretty extreme coniditions while Robert Solune & Antoine Rucard won the 2018 Series.
Check again their violent capsize footage above.

Excerpt report from Cardiff sent by Extreme Sailing Series Media:
'' ....Despite their string of struggles with logistics and boat damage this weekend, it was French foiling superstars, Antoine Rucard and Solune Robert from Team France Jeune, who were crowned overall champions of the Flying Phantom Series.

"It all began with a little problem with Solune's passport," said crew Antoine Rucard, speaking of the issues they'd had. "He only arrived a couple of hours before the first race! Then we had a rather amazing capsize that broke the mast, before damaging our foil case on the following day. In the end, we made it onto the Cardiff podium which meant we won the Series. A hard event, but worth it."

Flying Phantom Series Cardiff standings after Day 4, 20 races (27.08.18)
Position / Team / Points
1st, Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Olivia Mackay, Micah Wilkinson: 407 pts
2nd, Idreva Zephyr Foiling (FRA) Charles Hainneville, Thibault Julien: 382 pts
3rd, Team France Jeune (FRA) Solune Robert, Antoine Rucard: 357 pts
4th, Culture Foil (FRA) Nicolas Ferellec, Théo Constance: 356 pts
5th, Flying Frogs (FRA) Pierre Le Clainche, Arnaud Vasseur: 352 pts
6th, Masterlan (CZE) David Krizek, Milan Harmacek: 316 pts
7th, EVO Visian ICL (GER) Raphael Neuhann, Elias Neuhann: 313 pts

Flying Phantom Series 2018 overall standings
Position / Team / Points
1st Team France Jeune (FRA) 97 points
2nd Idreva Zephyr Foiling (FRA) 95 pts
3rd Culture Foil (FRA) 88 pts
4th Flying Frogs (FRA) 75 pts
5th Masterlan (CZE) 70 pts
6th UON (POR) 62 pts
7th Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 56 pts
8th EVO Visian ICL (GER) 56 pts
9th Team France Jeune 2 (FRA) 17 pts
10th Pegasius Project (FRA) 16 pts
11th Team France Jeune 3 (FRA) 14 pts
12th Captain's speaking (FRA) 11 pts
13th Cup Legend (FRA) 10 pts

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