Aug 31, 2018

Americas Cup. Team INEOS UK: Foiling Mono footage

Source Team Ineos UK. Although we still think this concept by TNZ it's an awkward tinkering exercise, INEOS is showing that it might work. Stable flights and looks super fast.
Only issue we see is the sudden dropdown tendency a la FP/F20 (0:45).
The AC50 did not had such tendency at all, and if so the entire windward hull delivered a smoother recovery.

I see some problems on this aspect for future AC foiling monos, not even to speak again on close Match Racing, one of the ever criticized points for racing Cats, who showed indeed you can MR Multis no problem.

Now the monohull "purists" have delivered this monster that will require teams to stay a well marked distance from each other, a fact that will take out part of the MR fun and aggressive moves.
I don't see famous hardcore helms going against each other full bore this time around.

Notes apart, the tinkered Monos is flying pretty good. Congrats to team INEOS UK on the work done implementing such strage concept.

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