May 9, 2018

French Classic A Championship @YC Martigues: May 20-21, 2018

(Note: This regatta is organized by a separate association from the IACA)
Info sent by Gerard Letrenne:  "We would like to you publish the announcement of our second A Cat Classic Championship, which will be held at Etang de Berre, and organized by the Yachting Club of Martigues ( near Marseille) during the Pentecôte week-end.

We are looking forward to this event at least 30 french and foreigner A classic sailors . Also at same Martigues venue, from August 23  to 26 , our association ACCF will organize the first leg of A Cat Classic European championship (the second leg will take place in Calambrone (Italy) in September from 6 Th to 9 Th .

In advance many thanks for relaying our regatta news.

Best regards,
Gérard LETRENNE ( ACCF treasurer )

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