May 9, 2018

F18: New DS Aero snuffer chute ban proposal by the IF18CA

The IF18CA Exec Co is about to propose a voting to ban the snuffer fiberglass spi chute Brett Burvill developed for his Windrush Edge F18 for recent Australian nats.
The event was won by an Edge without this chute, second place neither used it. So the new chute which provides an endplate effect for the Jib (like the tramp for the Main) did not showed any noticeable performance gain so far.

Crews actually sailing with one have remarked that they facilitate the in front mast tack , now in place due to the Main sail DS shape, that leaves a smaller space for the crew to pass below as with previous straight low boom main sails.

With Epoxy and convertible concept being approved by an overwhelming majority, and with DS mainsail here to stay, I don't the see this new chute to be that critical on being allowed.
Changes above have revamped the Class, new boats and sails are being sold all over the F18 Worldwide community, confirming our intentions on proposing epoxy / convertible, and later supporting the DS development by Mischa.

Re this new chute devel any Exec Co official and the F18 Class itself needs to consult at least those who actually have sailed this new equipment to provide a vote with some substance behind. Or make some onsite tests as done with DS.

If not it will be like those expressing their terminal opinions on DS mainsails without ever sailing one. Of course we all have the right to have X or Y position, but always better to have all the information over the table.

For instance remember how the IF18CA once called for a banning on painting before receiving a technical report saying clearly no advantage was involved.

In short, I don't have a formed opinion on this new chute devel, but I would like for all parts involved to be able to show Pros & Cons if any.
Without epoxy, convertible, DS or this new chute, F18 prices have gone up plenty last years, so I don't see it as a factor, and again, no performance gain has been proved till now.

Read the official annoucement by the IF18CA at

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