Feb 3, 2018

SuperFoiler Grand Prix: Day 2 Live Replay

Live stream replay from Saturday.Official web & stream source: www.superfoiler.com -
Just watched R2. Incredible handling by Outteridge, Ashby & Jensen. Just perfect smooth in those mid range conditions. The most interesting part of their strategy was putting both daggers down for downwind , getting a deeper angle and providing the need support and stability for foiling gybes.

So a boat designed to foil 3pts is being used in 4pt mode downwind. That mode I doubt can be used with more wind, but still an aspect favoring 4pt Z foil setups downwind.

On the platform , lots of work needed for the crews along a high demand of coordination. Like the AC45s or GC32s, that kind of sailing is what we need for the AC , of course bigger cats need more power, it is more interesting to see a smaller boat like the AC45 with all the demand for the crews going 30-40 knots, than an AC50 with playstation controls & cyclists or an awkward tinkering foiling balast AC75 monohull foiler... doing 5-10knots more.

Maybe for the lower wind range a code zero on the SuperFoiler will bring even more fun?

The SuperFoiler looked really good in stream replay above, specially sailed by these 3 top notch sailors.

Excellent contrast vs Tech2 frightening photo from yesterday by Andrea Francolini

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