Feb 2, 2018

SuperFoiler Grand Prix: Day 1 , Race 1

Photo: Superfoiler.com / Andrea Francolini - First and only race completed for the inaugural series of the Super Foiler Grand Prix. Euroflex with Outteridge, Ashby & Jensen finished first.

Waiting for more info, team members & full results. Meanwhile read about the tough crash for Tech2 (photo above) at SuperFoiler web official report.

These are powerful machines and are delivering the Show everyone expected, still on the constant pitching attitude and the required time to handle the beast the SuperFoiler is definitely a pretty dangerous foiler.
More time on the water for the teams will bring more control and safer rides, but the fact remains.

I'm all for the show and high speeds, but not to the extent of watching actions like photo above... floating pitch poles and crashes on 18' Skiffs are one thing, going berserk on the SuperFoiler at 30knots on such sensitive platform it is another game altogether.

I've seen dangerous situations on the FP or F20s , even on A-Cats my self, but nothing even close to the constant trapeze high trips , pitchpoles and again , situations like above.

But then its the SuperFoiler , sailors onboard are experienced and they know what they are upto.
Tomorrow they have announced Live Stream.

Fer van West from Morrelli & Melvin has prepared and sent a complete technical doc on the platform, we'll publish next week.

More info on the first event at Superfoiler.com  & SF fb web facebook.com/SuperFoiler/

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