Dec 20, 2017

Francois Gabart - Macif Tri: Solo Round the World Record in Numbers

All images sent by Christophe Launay /
Click images for  orig size & Slideshow. Portfolio was already published before the record attempt, when he spent 24hs sailing with Francois and Macif shore crew.  But provides a  good glance of  Gabart's tasks onboard Macif. Complete gallery by Launay here

Below hard numbers of this impressive record, short 2 days of the Jules Verne one, which was achieved by Francis Joyon & his IDEC crew.  Macif Trimaran is a foiling equipped Maxi Trimaran, IDEC was not, either way is 1 sailors vs a Team and all the implications on rest times, navigation, handling etc. Just incredible what Francois did.

Right now Gabart is not Sailor of the year, but sailor of this 21st Century.

Below Solo round the World Record Data sheet , source Macif Course au Large


Arrival Sun Dec 17, 2017
Departure Sat Nov 4, 2017

Data Sheet

Max Speed 47 knots
Solo Round the World Tour 42D 16h 40min 35s
Average Speed 27,2 Knots
Equator/Equator 30D 4h 45min
Max Average in 24hs 35,2 Knots
Ocean Pacific Crossing 7D 15h 15min
Max dist traveled 24hs 851 NM
Reference Time Records
Max advance vs Coville's Record 2799,8 NM
Ouessant / Good Hope 11D 20h 10min
Max -gap vs Coville's Record 217,5 NM
Ouessant / Cape Agulhas 11D 22h 20min
Actual dist traveled 27859,7 NM
Ouessant / Cape Leeuwin 19D 14h 10min
Nr of Winch turns 104,23
Ouessant / Cape Horn 29D 03h 15min
Nr of Winch turns in Km 164km
Ouessant / Equator turn around 36D 01h 30min
Max Temp 32,5 c
Cape Horn / Equator 6D 22h 15min