Dec 22, 2017

Cruiser Cats Arg: Changing the Status Quo

So nice seeing the Cat cruiser market growing from zero here in Buenos Aires. Thousands of monohulls fill local marinas, but that scenario is starting to change.
Two of the above cruiser cats are owned by sailors who entered the Catsailing realm through the F18 & my Beachcat cruiser based on the first RCF18 hulls.
One has established now a Leopard dealership & the other is finisheing the built of a full Alu 46' Cruising Cat, designed by Volker Sr.  Mast will be 18mts aprox.

3rd is a Fusion 40 kit, assembled here by another F18 sailor & Naval Eng, Sebastian Mazza-Campos. Another 52'Custom one is being built from scratch in Paraná too. More info on that one soon.

In the future, beachacts & cruising cats will be the only vessels able to sail at our Rio de la Plata , on the constant low draft being generated by the Paraná river huge Delta system.

We have both ends now of the Catamaran range spectrum (F18 sailors formed the GC32 Código Rojo Racing Team, thus we have that one covered too) but I want the middle sister, a 30' Performance  Cruiser/Daysailer . A great design in that range is being drawn by a known designer, prelims drafts are already too good. More on the 30' project soon.