Nov 21, 2017

VOR inshore Foiler proposal by VMG Yacht Design

After seeing the strange & complicated attempt yesterday by TNZ to design a fast AC vessel while maintaining 1 hull to please the old guard (?) , we received some fresh air from another VOR inshore proposal, this time an scaled up S9 coupled with D35 heritage +  twin mast rigged alternative.  VMG Yacht Design has discarded the proven AC72 / AC50 3pts foiling conf for a 4pt T foil system which has been working really good in recreational foiling cats but not seen yet as full bore racing one.

The T foiler conf they have added 2 different rigs options, check below details by the designers.

Renders & text below sent by Fabrice Germond / VMG Yacht Design /
"Lately we have seen publications of some of the foiling cat projects that were submitted for the Volvo In-Port Series, and today we are very pleased to share our own vision for the Series. As we live in Switzerland, we were very much inspired by the famous D35. We kept thinking how fun it would be if two exciting circuits could race the same platform. So we proposed two designs, one that matched the requirements of both circuits, and another that answered strictly to the Volvo tender. One thing to keep in mind was that there are very specific wind conditions on Lake Geneva. We had great fun working on such a demanding tender, and we definitely hope that other teams will also publish their project, as we are sure that very interesting solutions were submitted. We would like to thank all the people that would have collaborated with us on this project, as well as everyone we solicited along the way.

VOR flying multihull proposal by VMG Yacht Design
Design Proposal 1:
This is a state of the art 35' feet flying catamaran that includes all the latest features. This catamaran is a “limited risk project” and is an evolution of the current trend of foiling catamarans. This boat can race in either of the following mode: Archimedean or Foiling. Therefore, this boat is somehow a “3 in 1” boat that is compliant with the specificity of being a full foiling boat on short In-Port Series, an exciting one design boat for long distance racing and a boat that can deal with very light winds encountered on some lakes.

Design Proposal 2:
The second project is the result of a brand new approach to the concept of foiling multihull. The innovation lies in turning the concept around, whereby the foils are the central piece of the boat. This 39‘ catamaran is light and efficient with a twin rig with soft wing sails. The hulls are limited to the strict buoyancy requirement to maintain the boat afloat when not foiling. The overall flight stability is clearly enhanced as the distance between the main foil and the rudder is maximum. This new approach does not represent high speed sailing as we know it today. However it reflects the future of sailing whilst having appeal to sailors and non sailors alike.

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