Nov 22, 2017

F18 Arg Nats 2017: Decksweeper Mode ON

Argentine F18 Nats are going to be held this coming Friday 24. Past week one of our top crews finished 2nd overall at St Barth sailing standard mainsail , showing you still need to sail the course properly and higher skills might surpass any new equipment development.
New Decksweeper mainsails will not hand you any Title. I'm cutting one right now with my local loft, as I did with several A-Class sails for local riders, I will be the first cutting an older main to be transformed in a DS one.
Its not much of a performance thing, which as noted there is indeed a gain upwind, but also the chance to learn new things and experiment a bit inside the box rule. To aim to perform at top level better invest time training and racing, as we sailed together only 2 days, there is nothing to lose for us, plus we will have some fun learning, more than I will crewing... haha so you will have first hand comments on how to handle a DS. Hope we can reach on time with the mods, going out now to continue working on the boat & sail cut.

F18s above will be sailed by 2016 World Champ Pablo Volker & Sergio Mehl crewing, the Phantom with 1D main DS will be sail by Ian & Euge Bosco, our Nacra 17 / F18 / 29er Super youth Girl.

Cruz & Mariano brought Danny & Kostas boomless winning sail from St Barth so we will have 3 top teams sailing DS in 3 different platforms: Scorpion /Mischa DS, Phantom/ 1D DS  & Infusion MKII / 1D DS Boomless.

I will try to reach on time to fit my friend Phantom. Boom gooseneck & curved boom are from Jakub / Exploder. More detailed pics with good cam next days, these were taken with cel on a hurry as we were working on the boat and went out sailing too.