Oct 26, 2017

VOR: Vestas 11th Hour Racing lead fleet around Porto Santo

Vestas 11th Hour Racing by Volvo Ocean Race media. 
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October 26th Report by VOR
The fleet is around Porto Santo, heading downwind and pointing at the virtual mark some 200 miles to the north...
October 26, 2017
06:32 UTC
written by Peter Rusch
Vestas 11th Hour Racing continues to hold the lead with the leaders putting the first gybes in after leaving the island of Porto Santos to starboard.

© James Blake/Volvo Ocean Race
Next on the agenda is the new 'virtual mark' - a waypoint called Porto Santos North - due north of the fleet, before a slight right turn will take them to Lisbon and the finishing line.

"It's about three in the morning I think, and we're just coming to the rounding (Porto Santos) now," said Simon Fisher, the navigator on the Vestas boat.

"We'll be going back downwind now and pointing almost at Lisbon."
Full report by Peter Rusch at volvooceanrace.com/en/news/10181_Vestas-11th-Hour-Racing-lead-fleet-around-Porto-Santo.html