Oct 26, 2017

DNA TF10 Foiling Tri @Barcelona

Photo Tomàs Moya/Sailing DNA Performance Sailing. The TF10 Foiling Trimaran is making an impression at Barcelona for the European Yacht of the Year competition, where 12 magazines are testing the 2017 nominees.
The TF10 designed by Morrelli & Melvin flew out of the box, giving DNA the chance to built a long term project aside their G4/F4 racers, as the TF10 already was born by demand from a group of sailors from the NYYC.

Photo above is the best so far of the TF10, foiling on Z foil system which was adapted from the A-Class developments, where DNA was the first to nail the proper  Z foil design which established the benchmark for further devels.

The best thing on the TF10 is the ability to sail floating or skimming, being a Tri the platform has an inherited excellent balance and the chance to foil is an additional asset to an already fast boat.

We would like to see bigger cats using the 4pt foiling system and compare to the already vintage TNZ 3pt Js alternative.

Background & the sailors behind the TF10 project here