Oct 2, 2017

F18 Aus: Great Lakes SC Wildcat Regatta 2017: Brewin & Giri 1st

All images by Great Lakes Sailing Club , fulle gallery at their Fb page. Another win for the Scorpion & Brewin DS Sail combo. This time with Steve Brewin & Amy Giri. Past week was Gavin Colby-Daltonn racing the same conf  to beat former Aus Nats Champs 16 & Vice 2017, Burvill-Duffield  and this weekend Brewin & Amy Giri finished ahead  the 2017 Aus Champs, Daniel & Nathan van Kerckhoff.

> Still the Edge and C2 need to be fitted with DS sail to make a 1 to 1 comparison, but once more Brewin boomless DS sail is proving to be working really good against tpo notch Aussie crews/equipment, and the Scorpion is responding & grabbing more wins.

Coming Australian Nats are going to be the real tests for DS sails if Burvill & the van Kerckhoff sail with DS too. Here in Arg we will have some good tests with different DS in coming months.

Top 5 results below, full scores at  NSW F18 Assoc fb.

1 Steve Brewin , Amy Giri 5pts 1,-2,1,1,1,-2,1
2 Daniel & Nathan van Kerckhoff 8pts -2.5,1,-dnc,2,2,1,2
3 Chris Brewin , Richard Brewin 14.5pts 2.5,-3.5,3,3,-5,3
4 Peter Skewes, Bailey Skewes 19.5pts dnc, 3.5,2,-6,-6,4,4
5 Colin Kean, Natalie Rodgers 25pts 4,5,6,5,-9,-12,5

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