Oct 2, 2017

A-Class German Open 2017 @Campione Univela: Day 2 by Martina Orsini

All images Martina Orsini / Campione Univela , Full gallery here.  The Polish young guns lead the German Open / Austrian Nats 2017 being held at Garda. Kuba & Tymek finished 3rd & 2nd respectively at past Worlds held at Sopot.
Now at Campione Univela, Kuba is dominating with 5 bullets out of six races, followed by Tymek 4pts overall behind.
Third place for Michael Moedlhammer.

Top 5 Resuts after 6 races, full results in a pic by Luigi Camisotti (15th overall , 60 boat fleet)  at Classe-A fb group :
1 Kuba Suroviec 5pts 1,1,-2,1,1,1
2 Tymek Bendyk 9pts 2,2,1,2,2,-3
3 Michael Moedlhammer 19pts 5,-7,6,3,3,2
4 Roeland Wenthold 29pts 3,5,-11,4,11,6
5 Michael Korneszizuk    31pts 4,11,-12,6,5,5

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