Sep 24, 2017

UKS Navigo F18 & A-Class Open, Sep 23-24 2017

All images UKS Navigo Catamaran Club, Sopot. More pics & at their Fb page. Last event of the 2017 organized by the UKS Navigo , Club which held the 2017 A-Class Worlds. Nice to see Tymek & Anna Świtajska racing again F18 (they went to Denmark) and also Kuba Surowiec sailing with Kasia Goralska. Tymek & Kuba finished 2nd & r3d respectively in the A-Cat Worlds in the same venue some weeks ago.
Clearly both might be targeting a Nacra 17 campaign, no doubt they can can do really good in the N17 MKII foiler.
But the F18 is really the place to start and become competitive in double handed racing.

Tymek & Anna (who also raced the A-Cat Worlds) won over Kube & Kasia after 6 races, with 5 bullets for the winners who raced an Exploder Scorpion but also have more experience sailing the F18 as noted on their Denmark Worlds trip.

In the A-Class Jacek Noetzel won all bullets and a DNF in the first race.
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