Sep 23, 2017

French Nats @Hyeres: Mazzuchi & Lisignoli lead

Comments by James Baeckler, in line with what I've  been writing for a while on the a shorter DS foot and lately on Brewin's new sail past days:
"The Italian team of Mazzuchi & Lisignoli seems untouchable in light wind using an Oxo decksweeper sail prototype which is not as extreme in foot size as some others designs, thus leaving a large corridor for both crew to pass under the boom when tacking. A possible design to regroup all F18 sailors whit this sensitive evolution.

Overall after 2 races :
1 ITA 69 Mazzuchi/Lisignoli
2 FRA 5 Martin/ Gate
3 ITA Fantasia/ Recalcati

Tomorrow west wind 15/18 kts is expected, we will see if that Decksweeper is confirming to be superior in stronger wind too"

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