Sep 27, 2017

Hobie Wildcat Italians Nats 2017

Photos & report sent by Alessandro Pelliccia /
Hobie Wildcat Italians Nats 2017
The last weekend was held at the Centro Vela Sunset the Italian Hobie Wild Cat Championship, promoted by the Italian Hobie Cat Association and the national dealer Bolsena Yachting.

12 Formula 18 featured Hobie, the highest number ever for a National Hobie WIld Cat Championship.
Saturday perfect weather conditions. 12/14 knots of wind from SE, for three races. Sunday less fortunate with stormy fronts that did not allow racing.

Winner the local crew Radman-Cioni, followed by Andrea and Matteo Viganò. Third place is the WIld Cat by Andrea Sanzone.

Thanks go to the Centro Vela Sunset of Calambrone always ready to land and in the water and to offer aperitif and barbecue in the two days, to the Regatta Committee, to the Italian Hobie Cat Association, to Bolsena Yachting which has made prizes for regattas, but the best at who participated in this Championship shared the "Hobie way of life!"
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