Sep 27, 2017

F18 French Nats @Duc d'Albe 2017: Mazzuchi & Lisignoli Champs

Photos left: Winners Elia Mazzuchi & Jacoo LIsignoli sailed a Goodall C2 with an Oxo DS. -
French Nats pics & report sent by James Baeckler / AFF18. Official Duc d'Albe web
"After a large survey conducted last winter the French class decided to change the national format to regroup the class by selecting a popular long distance event which in some way confirms the roots of the class.

The Duc d’albe event is one of the largest catamarans event on the Mediterranean coast. The 2017 edition welcomed 147 boats from SL 16 to Flying 20 feet weapons. The particularity of the event is that you may choose to race only on Saturday and Sunday if you have a busy week or join the event on Friday for a an additional one day race called Golden island cup.

For the F18 class the Notice of race included Golden cup to take fully advantage of the fantastic playground of the bay of Hyeres surrounded by 3 very exceptional islands. From the first day our Italian Friends Elia and Jaccopo took the lead of the fleet, they confirmed the second day in a steady light wind and did the same the last day in a sustained 15/20 KTS of breeze despite a light crew weight.

So for the first time an Italian team will have their name on the perpetual trophy. Aside the overall result, in the Corinthian group Birgit and Christian took the first place returning to Caribbean home whit a new kite offered by our sponsor 1D One design sails.

The performance of the new decksweeper sail used by the winners has been clearly demonstrated,  leaving a former F18 World Champion very appreciative of the new concept. It is noticeable that the design used in Hyeres were not an extreme cut leaving a corridor for boat handling whit a surface fully in line whit the measurement certificate calculations.

The associate members attended a very intense meeting after a very friendly picnic. The board has been unanimously accepted for a new term and a large survey will be conducted during next days to gain the whole class position regarding some extreme DS designs.

Whit a very promising revamped 2017 edition for next year the class will join a long distance event in Brittany.

AFF18 /
Top ten, Full results at

Rgs Ident. Concurrents Grp/Cl Tps réel Ecarts Course 1 Course 2 Course 3
1  69 MAZZUCCHI Elia LISIGNOLI Jacopo F18 0j.05:52:31
  01:18:33   02:51:18   01:42:40
2  5 MARTIN Orion GATE Charles F18 0j.06:11:46 00:19:15   01:25:54   03:02:50   01:43:02
3  969 FANTASIA Giovanni RECALCATI Davide F18 0j.06:14:56 00:22:25   01:21:44   03:08:26   01:44:46
4  901 BOULOGNE Emmanuel BONIFACE Lucas F18 0j.06:15:34 00:23:03   01:26:26   03:05:34   01:43:34
5  200 DE GRENET Riccardo MARZORATI Claudio F18 0j.06:20:13 00:27:42   01:29:23   03:02:46   01:48:04
6  597 PEDUZZI Clement BLONDEAU Maxime F18 0j.06:21:27 00:28:56   01:24:50   03:07:32   01:49:05
7  10 LUTZ Andreas SCHLATTER Ray F18 0j.06:22:00 00:29:29   01:29:17   03:07:13   01:45:30
8  595 DARY Emeric FIGUE Jean-baptiste F18 0j.06:28:40 00:36:09   01:31:07   03:10:40   01:46:53
9  51 MINARDI Jean richard VENANT-VALERY Alain F18 0j.06:33:52 00:41:21   01:30:12   03:03:30   02:00:10
10  39 KRAHE Birgit ROUX Christian F18 0j.06:37:07 00:44:36   01:27:24   03:14:04   01:55:39

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