Jul 4, 2017

SuperFoiler: Getting there

On paper the concept looked weird,  extreme and fast.  First test videos published were not that good , and I preferred not to show much, as the idea might have fallen short of actual functionality. But if even proven foiling systems for beachcats need some time for trimming and adjusting, this creation by Morrelli & Melvin surely needed their own period to know the beast.

Still looks a complicated solution and wonder what a foiling cat with similar rig power can do. But the SuperFoiler was born to put on a show so perfect stability is second to raw speed and wild rides.

Video above shows a bunch of excellent takes and plenty of speed. Glad the project is finding its way, lots of work to put this together for all involved.

More info on the SuperFoiler at facebook.com/SuperFoiler/

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