Jul 4, 2017

IKA 2017 Calendar Update

Photo: Jesùs Renedo / Sailing Energy / World Sailing. Calendar update for IKA 2017 Racing. Lets get all the foiling info this week published, cause coming days will be 100% floating mode with the great F18 Class Worlds to be held @Denmark next week.

IKA Finals Live Replay from Santander here
Press release sent by the International Kiteboarding Association / internationalkiteboarding.org
International KiteRacing Events - Calendar Update
The dates for the 2017 and 2018 Formula Kite World Championships are set already for a long time, and we are now happy to confirm that the 2017 Formula Kite European Championships will take place from 12 August to 17 August at Tirmata Beach Club, Istanbul, Turkey.

Perfect racing conditions with 12-20 knots side-onshore winds, clean water and endless beach will set the stage for the best racers from all over the world.

Event registration will be - different to usual - in the morning of the 12th (Saturday), followed by a
long distance race from Tirmata down the Bosporus to Istanbul Citiy Center. The Bosporus will be closed for shipping traffic during the duration of the race. The long distance race will count for the overall event results. Note that the event includes SIX racing days.

Also important to note is that this will be the first event on the new registered series production equipment. The results of this event will be - together with the results of the Sailing World Cups since Melbourne 2016 and the upcoming 2017 World Championships in Oman - an important performance factor in the evaluation for equipment for the possible showcase event in Tokyo 2020.

11 Jul - 16 Jul 2017: TT:R Slalom/Boardercross Europeans (Gizzeria, Italy - 10.000 EUR)
30 Jul - 06 Aug 2017: KiteSpeed Worlds (Massirah Island, Oman - 15.000 EUR)
12 Aug - 17 Aug 2017: Formula Kite Europeans (Istanbul, Turkey - 10.000 USD tbc)
08 Sep - 14 Sep 2017: KiteFoil GoldCup Act 2 (Weifang, China - 50.000 EUR)
TT:Open Weifang (10.000 EUR)
18 Sep - 23 Sep 2017: KiteFoil GoldCup Act 3: (Pingtan, China - 40000 USD)
TT:R Open Pingtan (10.000 USD)
04 Oct - 08 Oct 2017: TBC KiteFoil GoldCup Act 4 (Cagliari, Italy - 15.000 EUR)
11 Oct - 15 Oct 2017: TBC KiteFoil GoldCup Act 5 (France - 15.000 EUR)
24 Oct - 29 Oct 2017: TBC TT:R Slalom/Boardercross Worlds (TBC)
19 Nov - 24 Nov 2017: Formula Kite Worlds (Muscat, Oman - 40.000 EUR)
28 Nov - 02 Dec 2017: TBC KiteFoil GoldCUp Act 6 (Dubai, UAE - 25.000 EUR)

January 2018 : YOG Qualifyer Event PanAmericas (Date and Location TBC)
20 Feb - 25 Feb 2018: YOG Qualifier Event Africa & Europe (Dakhla, Marocco)
12 Mar - 18 Mar 2018: YOG Qualifier Event Asia & Oceania (Pranburi, Thailand)
30 Jul - 12 Aug 2018: Formula Kite Worlds (Aarhus, Denmark)
06 Oct - 18 Oct 2018: Youth Olympic Games (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

We hope to confirm the remaining events shortly, especially the TT:R Slalom/Boardercross World Championships which will be used to determine how many starting places countries will receive for the YOG Qualifier events but also for the remaining GoldCup events of the season and the GoldCup Final (the KiteFoil Class World Championships.)

Entry is limited to the Formula Kite World Championships (currently to the top 50 of the World Ranking) and the KiteFoil GoldCup Final (all riders finishing top 15 in any other KiteFoil GoldCup). Additional places up to the maximum quota (60 riders) will be based on the World Rankings.

For a complete list of events and detailed event information (Notice of Race, registration) please visit

Upcoming Major Events
12 Jul - 16 Jul 2017
TT:R Slalom/Boardercross European Championships
Gizzeria, Italy
For more information click here

30 Jul - 06 Aug 2017
KiteSpeed World Championships
Massirah Island, Oman
For more information click here

12 Aug - 17 Aug 2017
Formula Kite European Championships
Istanbul, Turkey
For more information click here

19 Nov - 24 Nov 2017
Formula Kite World Championship
Muscat, Oman
For more information click here

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