Jun 29, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda Finals: Portfolio by Sander van der Borch

All images Sander van Borch / ACEA - Just a small sample of the 200 shots gallery Sander published few days ago for all to enjoy.
Full gallery at his official fb page.

In the long term , pictures continue to be the most durable memories, check portfolio above by Sander, and look for some special moments. like Ashby one staring serious at Dalton, like saying "Are you serious we are going back to Monos?"
Lot to see in these great series of pics, click images for HQ and slideshow:
Pic #3 from above  from the chopter looks like a take from Apocalypse Now .
Another really good is the Cyclors one,  those guys deserved a huge chunk of that Cup!
Watch all pics in detail, for ie Sander's close shots are giving me the details I need to complete my AC50s cads.

Remember to visit Sander's site to see more than +200 of the AC Finals only, he also has plenty of the Qualifiers we already published too.

San der van der Borch Photography official fb page.

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