May 1, 2017

35th America's Cup. Practice Races (III): Artemis by Sander van der Borch

All images Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing. - Click images for bigger size and slideshow. Sander keeps finding new angles and perspectives. One might he has top toys and scenario at hand, but being so good is the precise reason to be there taking pics from Artemis AC50s. The guy has simply a special eye and technique , pics above are some of the best AC shots I've seen.

On the practice races, Artemis continues to perform through the practice races stages. There was a detailed report on Artemis web for each last pr race but now has been replaced, TNZ has 2-2 , but one was abandoned, their win over Artemis was on the Swedes starting 24sec late and so on.

- Artemis  new report on the 3rd stage of Practice races here
- Team New Zealand Report here

Practice races results:

- Artemis Racing: W8 – L2 80%
- Oracle Team Usa: W4 - L4 50%
- Emirates Team New Zealand: W2 – L2 50%
- Land Rover BAR: W1 – L1 50%
- SoftBank Team Japan: W4 – L7 36%
- Groupama Team France: W2 – L5 29%