Apr 9, 2017

Phantom Essentiel official vid

Video, Press release  below and q&a with Maurice all produced and sent by Phantom International.
Essentiel New official video !
"Summer is near in the Northern Hemisphere, everyone is back on the water… How about going foiling this year ?

Foil sailing is becoming more common and more accessible. It is not the future of sailing anymore, it is all happening now ! Foils are everywhere : windsurfs, kitesurfs, catamarans, and even Optimists !
Even the american economic newspaper the Wall Street Journal is addressing the issue with a special
review about the foiling boats to be published in the April 22nd Week-end Edition

At Phantom International, we have launched the Flying Phantom Essentiel. A flying sport catamaran designed not only for a handful of top sailors, but for all sailing enthusiasts.
The objective is not to sail in the Olympic Games, but to discover a new fun way of sailing. With four watchwords : enjoyment, speed, comfort and safety.

As opposed to its ‘big’ brother Flying Phantom Elite, the Flying Phantom Essentiel doesn’t aim at high level competition like the FP Series. It is a versatile catamaran, made for leisure sailing as well as local beach cat regattas. The Essentiel flies in a wind range from 5 to 25 knots and can reach 20-25 knots of speed in 10 knots of wind. Thrill guaranteed !

Interview with a first-timer
Two weeks ago, Maurice, a 63 year old sailing enthusiast, tried the Flying Phantom Essentiel for the first time. Back on the beach, we asked him a few questions :

What is your experience of beach catamarans ?
I have sailed on Hobie Cat 14, 16 and 18, and a few years on the F18, competing in local regattas and long distance racing. But it was my first time on the Flying Phantom Essentiel.

Wind conditions ?
7-12 knots of shifty wind.

Your first impressions ?
A feeling of freedom ! It’s an easy boat, very similar to a F18. You start flying naturally as soon as you reach 11/12 knots. Flying above the water was a dream. Now it’s reality !

Top speed ?
We have reached 23 knots of speed in some wind corridors.

What is the biggest challenge, for a first-timer ?
For the crew, none. As a helmsman, you need to keep the boat as flat as possible et play with the helm to follow the wind. Under gennaker, you need to synchronise helm mouvements with the mainsail trim with more amplitude and reactivity than on the non foiling cat. Trimming the daggerboard up and down and the rake becomes obvious and natural very quickly.

What is the FP Essentiel specificity compared to other foiling beach cats ?
First I would say comfort and ease of use. The racks are much more practical than trapezes, wether it is for leasure sailing or sport sailing. Then, the daggerboard system is simple and you can lift the daggerboard all the way out and land on the beach like with any normal beach catamaran.

Is it more physical than a normal beach catamaran ?
Not at all. You just need a minimum of mobility, but the FP Essentiel is not a physical boat for any of the crew.

What sailing level do you need to fly the FP Essentiel ?
The level of someone who is used to sail on a beach cat with a spinnaker. The boat flies easily within 5 minutes.

What do you think about the side racks ?
Same as with an electric bike, you immediatly get the comfort and relaxing feeling. We just wonder why we didn’t think about it before !
For more information, please download the FP Essentiel brochure

There is not many boats left for a delivery in June, so if you want to enjoy it this summer, order your Flying Phantom Essentiel now!
Send us an email with your prefered colours, options and accessories at contact@phantom-international.com