Apr 9, 2017

Boulogne Conception Marine: Cirrus R2 F18 unveiled.

Always good news having Manu Boulogne delivering new products. Since day 1 I got involved in the F18 Manu has been an inspiration, he is always leading innovation, as he did with their original Cirrus which established the high volume hull concept in the Class.
Then he launched the Cirrus R (I), which was a great bet and success for BCM, including a too close call to win Worlds with Mischa in 2011 and also in 2013 along Bontemps & Amiot. Definitely the fastest F18 downwind in the breeze by miles, untouchable! The R featured an extreme rocker with concave sections aft and fore to the bow, plus the reinvention of the F18 beams with a special proprietary design maximizing hull attachment. To complete the package a new 2x world champ proven wing mast.
All delivered with top quality, a benchmark in the F18.

For the "R2"  Manu has refined the concept a bit further, with new high aspect rudders and  smaller transom to reduce drag in light winds.
Bow cut looks like our first version for the F18OP.

R2 Convertible F18
But the key feature of the R2 is a new convertible dagger case, which will support a lifting foil yet to be disclosed to the public by Cirrus.

Along the F18 OP Convertible this will be the second F18 specifically prepared, designed and built for the double program.
On this specific feature Cirrus have chosen not to put emphasis on this in their first detailed announcement, but you can read it below along the special structural reinforcement.

All in all, the Cirrus R will continue to be a performer, and the R2 is simply a more refined evolution. Contact Anne Boulogne at bcm-catamaran.com/contact.php and be prepared to receive first class customer service along top notch F18 products.

Factory sails for R2 will be the proven Hyde Sails from our friend a top Euro F18 sailor Simon Northrop.
Cirrus  Trimaran project will be disclosed in a near future.

Renders (click for HQ / slideshow) and press release sent by  Boulogne Conception Marine.
Boulogne Conception Marine is proud to present the main changes made to the Cirrus R.
"For the last 6 years, we have continuously been developing and testing new ideas on the water in a constant effort to keep our boats on top of the game. This year we are releasing the Cirrus R2, our new platform designed for F18 racing as well as full foiling adventures.

The R2 development program has been centred on increased performance through hull optimization and rig stability improvement, as well as opening the sailing scope to wider opportunities.

Our industrial design studio has been focusing its efforts on hull and rudder blades evolution in order to increase the boat performance, especially in light winds, as well as further increasing her down wind speed.

The keel line is keeping its specific touch, but is evolving in order to increase the waterline length and to enable earlier planning. The lines have been straightened and the reverse rocker curve adjusted in order to increase overall hydrodynamic performance.

The keel line is keeping its specific touch, but is evolving in order to increase the waterline length and to enable earlier planning. The lines have been straightened and the reverse rocker curve adjusted in order to increase overall hydrodynamic performance.

Cleaner water exit at the Stern are having a significant impact on drag reduction

Lastly, the final main design evolution focused on the rudder profile in order to reduce drag and increase lift, resulting in better upwind tracking, increased helming control and responsiveness.-

- Made in « Boulogne Conception Marine », France
The boat design and building process have been totally re-thought in order to anticipate the forecasted evolution of the boat usage towards a flying program resulting in specific structural constraints. Specific emphasis has been given to the stern and dagger board casing structures. The bulk heads have been positioned in line with the main loads in order to increase the boat stiffness and its longevity. Lastly, careful attention has been given to the composite material selection and the building process choices.

Regarding the dagger board casing, we developed a modular system allowing ease of repair in a cost-effective way in case of a violent crash. Moreover, they have been designed in order to either fit an F18 or a specific foiling kit.

Deck design and ease of assembly
We built on the experience of our team of sailors to focus our attention on three main themes:

- Deck hardware standardization to the finest level of detail
-Fast assembly: a new trampoline has been designed to facilitate the ropes passing through whilst allowing to keep all ropes in position when disassembling the platform
-Cleaner deck design for improved sailing comfort, including a dagger board up/down system which can be controlled from the windward Side.

Overall, the deck hardware has been selected carefully, and special attention given to each part, never compromising on quality. (Wichard, Ronstan, Harken, Karver, Allen, Liros, Blue Wave…).

Set of sails
Specifically developed by Simon Northrop from Hyde Sails. An obvious choice for the Cirrus R2 given its performance, proven results and versatility.

Hyde Website link - hydesails.co.uk/Multihull-racing-sails.html

In a nutshell …
For its 20th anniversary, BCM is proud to present a Cirrus F18 which has been developed with extreme attention to details, from the design choices to the building process and hardware.
We are currently pursuing the development of our foiling kit for which the Cirrus R2 has been specifically conceived in order to offer the widest and most sensational sailing program

The Cirrus saga continues… Watch the space for an upcoming surprise… on three hulls!