Apr 22, 2017

FP Essentiel 2 mins ride clip

Last video from from the FP Essentiel. Not the FP (now 'Elite') but you can appreciate my previous comments on Alex's kite. Crew can work on body trim and just leave the spi sheet 'stuck', I think you can even put a clam in controlled wind conditions. This is exactly what I reported from my experience crewing the FP 'Elite' here in BA. No wings for the racing version so crew body trim is more effective.
See also how Gurvan changes heading angles pretty hard and the spi maintains shape.
On the flight , not much wind available and the Essentiel continues to show you can foil pretty good and relaxed while seated on the wing, fulfilling the goal of this specific boat about the best Z foil conf can provide now a days.

Remember the Essentiel has an alu mas, weights at least 173kg and basically has an F18 hardware setup in materials and dimensions, it even has 2.55 width. Nevertheless hull construction, which is same mold as the F18 / FP Elite version, has a special dedicated laminate Epoxy & S-Glass combo for better strength and durability to sustain foiling loads.

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