Apr 21, 2017

F18 Windrush Edge production heading Europe

Sailing Pic: Alex Mckinnon, Australian F18 Nats 2017 - Brett Burvill's Windrush Edge is by now a established performer in the Formula 18 Class. With top results in the competitive Australian fleet and also in Europe with Sunnucks / UK crews and in Italy Lorenzo Bianchini. We've been following this project since day 1 and we are quite happy for its success. As Brett describes below, small yards building cats its a labor of love, you only make big profits if you sell plastic recreational cats. Building F18s for a small yard? breaking even is a joy.
F18s, A-Cats and else racing cats are refined built machines aside its components.

Imagine a yard building and selling Laser or Optis, you just have two molds to bond and you are set.
The internal structure and all being x2 in racing beachcats have a great overhead of man labor hours and dedication. So always appreciate the work and hours Brett and many others invest behind your boat.

For 2017 Worlds data check video made by Jasper showing some shots the venue at Denmark which seems a great place to race: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oLRiPNk_Eo&feature=youtu.be
Registration link: www.f18worlds2017.dk/entry-registration/

Build pics & updates sent by Brett Burvill: "Some new Windrush Edge F18's recently completed and on their way to Europe/ UK. Its great to be busy with building these boats and a healthy F18 fleet in Australia with lots of interest.
We have 1 new Tornado to build now and then a few more Edges to fill current orders. We set a target to do 12-15 Edges this year, with 6 now built since December.

Being a small company and all being built in house this is not really profitable but it is also great fun and very satisfying to see them on the water and getting great results . Time for some US customers... "Colouring the World one Edge at a time 😎"