Mar 19, 2017

F1 A-Class flight: "Buenos Aires Sailing" by Juan Faustin

After some videos of the D3 Camp, have another good Dna F1 beautifully filmed by F18/A-Cat/F20 local sailor Juan Faustín. F1 Ride Sergio Mehl.
This was filmed this Saturday at sunset, as we wait for better winds but this time I had to leave early. Juan went out with his F20 and later filmed clip above.
We don´t have blue waters here in BA, but Rio de la Plata is such a great place to sail. Great clip by Faustin, drone latest dji one. This is a revisited cut he just sent with some extra takes from the one published in Fb.

On the actual foiling, check the hopping (pitching) stance , been talking with Sergio on loading rudders to put nose down, he already tested and it changes trim for good. Yesterday he had a super light  winds weather setup.  He can get airborne in around 7knots wit the F1 and he flies for miles non stop as seen in his past clips.