Mar 18, 2017

A-Class Exploder D3 training clip by Chris Rashley

Fun few days in the Solent, A-Class training with Paul Larsen. The A-Class is proving to be a good test bed for the Nacra17F. Zhik Bryt Sails eXploder Allen Sailboat Performance Hardware Royal London Yacht Club
Posted by Rashley Racing
Excellent training video by Rashley Racing, published in his fb page as stated above. Chris Rashley is Moth vice World Champ 2016 and also UK A-Class Nat Champ. Great stable video filmed surely with an Osmo Dji.
Comments on training for the Nacra 17, and been telling to the two Arg teams, the Nacra 17 MKII adopted A-Cat Z foil tech , and there is no better training weapon, more now that N17 MKII  will be delivered in June, even after delivery As will continue to be a key part of the race for 2020 Olympic Gold.

I'm seeing also how A-Cats are slowly over performing Moths with latest upwind foiling. There is an impressive video from Anton Paz that I will publish on Monday, but I'm seeing the performance match here Live in BA.

A-Cats will become sooner than later the top notch and fastest course racing single handed dinghy.