Feb 22, 2017

Nacra 17 MKII Foiling version: Delivery dates announced

Photo left: Nacra 17 production foil by Nacra Polska. - To see how the new board fits check the renders I made some months ago here. Boat above is also featuring Nacra F20FCS rudder system, which were tested by Olympic sailors in Netherlands. Those winglets are huge for the Nacra 17, lets see if they end using the same system or adapt to the new specific blades/winglets shown in MM/Nacra presentation.

New full foiling and definitive  MKIIs will be delivered to top sailors starting June 26th.
Below official statement of the Nacra 17 Class management published on the 49er website... as "current web does not fit their needs"? How raw text cannot fit their needs to publish official N17 Class communications is beyond my comprehension. What's next? A-Cats Calendar & rules published in the Laser Class web? 
Source 49er.org

"...The Full Foiling Nacra 17’s are in production. The class, along with Nacra Sailing, agreed that in the interest of fairness there will not be broad distribution of the foiling boats until the bulk of the top of the fleet can all get one at the same time. As such, no boats will be released to sailors until June 26th, leaving only 1 month of preparation for these teams ahead of the Europeans! While many of the skills will cross over from the ‘C’ foil boats that raced in Rio, there is sure to be a huge learning curve in the lead up to a spectacular first regatta.

In the mean time, there is a Ongoing Learning program from the Netherlands, where fleet members can sail the foiling boats. There are three functions of the learning sessions. The first is to push the boats with the hopes of revealing any improvements that remain outstanding and can be put into the boats in production. The second is to get teams a chance to do some foiling before the boats are ready. The third is to allow teams interested the class to get a look at what the full foiling future looks like.

There is a schedule of learning sessions published.
Full nacra 17 Class statement at 49er.org -