Feb 22, 2017

MOD70, Caribbean 600 2017: Line honours for Phaedo 3

Photos : Rachel Fallon Langdon / Team Phaedo - Both teams reported close match racing mode to during the race. But the standard platform  MOD70  Phaedo 3 prevailed. Half foiling tack for Maserati is not giving them any advantage, so we'll have to wait for them to equip again both amas with flying foils.

The racing foil vs floating discussion is already over, the aspect to see here on the MOD70s is which foiling setup is the right for the 70' Trimarans, and based on results and reports from the race, Maserati central T  + amas T rudders + amas L/V foils are not adding performance if we analyze by simple logic that they should have an advantage when sailing on the foiling tack and at least maintain standard MOD70 perf on the opposite one. This taking apart any navigation consideration, which anyway is reported by both camps to be head to head. --Update: just being told that Olympic Nacra 17 sailor Vittorio Bissaro was onboard Maserati as tactician.--

So in the end we have real times as a benchmark:

From the tracking the finish times I have are
Phaedo 321:20:00

Below text sent by Rachel/Phaedo 3:
"After an epic battle with their MOD70 sister ship Maserati, Phaedo^3 took multihull line honours in the RORC Caribbean C600. Lloyd Thornburg and his crew of Brian Thompson, Michel Desjoyeaux, Miles Seddon, Rob Greenhalgh, Pete Cumming, Paul Allen and Damian Foxall, finished with an clasped time of 33 hours 40 minutes and 46 seconds. We now have to wait until the rest of the MORCA fleet finish to see how
they finish on handicap."