Dec 22, 2016

HH Catamarans launched HH66 03

This light HH66 Cruiser with curved boards looks a real compromise to endure ocean crossing or offshore trips and also race. Also low flight/skimming 4pt foils like the North Wind 55 could be the future of light cat cruisers. Below pics & info sent by HH Catamarans on their HH66 - 03 launch.
Next Level
HH Catamarans' newest 66, 'Nala', launched this month in Xiamen. HH66-03 is the lightest 66 to-date, and sports a taller mast and longer longeron than her previous sister ships. Nala will be headed for the Caribbean later this winter, with a packed itinerary that includes a number of regattas. We can't wait to see what this yacht will do on the racecourse! Sea trials are complete and the yacht is being prepared to ship to the US. Check out a quick clip of Nala flying a hull, and keep an eye on the Facebook page for behind-the-scenes looks as the world's newest and, quite possibly, most turbocharged luxury cruising cat makes her way home!

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