Dec 23, 2016

Americas Cup 2017, AC50 'OD': BAR unveils the 'R1'

AC72s had different 'personalities' driven by each design team. But for this AC edition all the platforms Edit: will be the same exact shape as the Wings exterior shape and cross structure data, all one design. Correction data courtesy of Pete Melvin. --.
I didn´t realized that the AC50 were actually OD, and not pseudo box rule restricted.

The BAR 'R1' seems   IS   a clone of Oracle AC50 model we once published (photo left). So no chance for any design surprise a la Team France and  their stick to their AC45 Turbo modified bow with rails.
Boat looks photo and structure / scene is rendered.

I have the 3d cad  of the Oracle AC48/50 will publish next week. R1 photo/render source: Land Rover BAR fb