Nov 3, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Day 4

All perfect shots by Matias Capizzano /  - Full gallery at F18 Worlds Fb, week galleries at Matias fb -  Great day of racing , with a North West  around 17knots and some good gusts , but not as powerful as yesterday, waves/chop was a bit tricky too even for the Infusion, specially downwind.

We didn´t arrived to first race cause I hit a marina post?!  going out inside club small area, it was real slow and missed clear by a cm, but the bow opened 30cms aprox. I was really calm though and lucky enough the fiber guy helping all crews here got it fixed and laminated on the same ramp in about 15-20 mins , and cured!  I added some tape and we went out again.
It was for me some kind of record in emergency fix, will post some pics next week on the work. Check my port bow with the grey tape.

So we reached on time to see half first race, with Matias Buhler & Sergio Mehl dominating with the Phantom and Agustin Krevisky & Eduardo Lopez Segura behind. Edge for the Phantom crew upwind and superior speed for the Exploder downwind, it was nice to see it from the sidelines. Then we raced next 2 races in just trying to finish something.. !

Matías & Sergio scored 1,2,2 for the day , showing how well they are sailing, so even more bad luck on the hit they have past Tuesday that left them out for 3 races. Another good detail is that they are performing on the Phantom with Jakub's Exploder F18 boards used on Agustín's Exploder too.

For the title race Volker & Benitez (Phantom) put 6.3 & 1 maintain lead. Cruz & Mariano on the Infusion MKII were 3,5,4 - The battler of the day was for the 3rd place with Jason Hess & Nico Schargorosdky (C2) getting in the zone with 5,1,6 and  Krevisky & Lopez Segura  (Exploder) 2,6,7 to both tie third overall in 48pts.

Close behind Fede Ferioli & Lucas Gonzalez Smith (Infusion MKII) and Ian Rodger & Eugenia Bosco (Phantom) tying 4th overall with 52pts. Ian  broke the special old main going out and had to change for another that is clearly not that fast a we've seen at BA Week.

Although two contenders are out now (Blando-Quagliotti on mast and Buhler-Mehl on 3 races out) yesterday vibes were gone with excellent weather conditions and powerful racing arena. Buenos Aires is giving the fleet a good challenge.
The title is still open, as the entire podium, 5-10 knots expected for tomorrow.

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