Nov 2, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Day 3 Carnage

All images Matias Capizzano - Check Day 3 full gallery at his Fb page. - Tough day , literally with 5 boats out of the competition on broken masts. including Esteban Blando's one, which exploded while going to the course full speed spi up and crew on trap. Gusts had much difference with base wind and too powerful to handle, no matter your skills.

This wind is what we call here 'Pampero' , as it comes from the Pampas to the west. An offshore breeze that hits the city and makes a turbo effect for the violent gusts, in fact one boat broke its mast on land, jib up only but dry capsize on one.

In any case a World Champion must be able to race in any condition, the issue arise when the material cannot hold on or you cannot control the given conditions.
I remember South Americans 2011 in this same course, we were heading to the race area when a gust literally flip our F18 from behind, making a full vertical roll over pushed from below the tramp.

But many today could complete two races indeed, several capsizes included even for some top guys.
Base wind was rather Ok to race, problem were gusts.
Now a firm contender crew, who were second till today is now out of the event for good same for other 5 boats. Also another competitor had a head cut , but is ok gladly.

Pablo Volker & Juan Martín Benitez (fixing their own mast right now) continue to lead after the two races held today scoring 4 & 1. Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser,  climbed to second overall with 1 & 10 (capsize in R2) . Third overall for Federico Ferioli & Lucas Gonzalez Smith.
With Blando&Quagliotti out top 3 have now a clearer way to podium. Which is still pretty much open with two days left.

We stay onshore after we saw the capsize show in the inner bay of the port and when we heard Blando broke is masts while sailing to the course, wise decision finally for us on the other breakages. as the Infusion also is a lent boat by my good friend Javi Poclava,

Not much joy today, and quite sad on many friends being out of the championship.
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