Nov 9, 2016

Arg Pride: Santi Lange (& Ceci Carranza) World Sailor of the Year 2016

Image: Lange and his Kids Circa 2000 by La Nación / . Photo left Cecilia Carranza. - What else is left in 2016 for Santi Lange & Cecilia Carranza?  The 'minds' at World Sailing were not capable to award them as a team, so Santi took good care to remind them that the Gold Medal at Rio  was a joint effort. His surgery and recovery are important ingredients to the story , but always remember that Ceci was initiator of this new campaign.

Great recognition in the end for Lange, who keep searching for the Gold after so many Olympic cycles with such health barrier included. A wake up call for all of us when we complain for x or y trivialities in life or sailing.
Having someone to look up for is always a motivational force that creates new projects and new sailors like the F18 Class we formed in Argentina. Many of us look up to 4 time Olympic medalist Camau Espinola & now 3 time and Gold medalist Santi Lange for inspiration. He continues his great journey and a new generation have him again as a reference to tackle new Olympic dreams and new projects to be launched.

As an Argie myself I feel quite proud to have them representing us in the sailing World --