Nov 7, 2016

A-Class: Sandro Caviezel G7 Upwind Foiling

A-Cat sailors are finding new ways and techniques with current equipment to improve and optimize foiling. Till now we haven´t seen upwind foiling being used as default mode while racing , not at Punta Ala or Medemblik. Its being applied as a tactical move although. Here in Buenos Aires, the F1s are testing upwind foiling and slowly getting better vmg. I will get several footage hopefully this season now that the F18 Worlds are over, and some will start sailing As again.

Meanwhile in Europe Sandro Caviezel continues training, video above showing rock solid stable upwind foiling on the Scheurer G7. Additional videos at Sandro's YT channel.

In Australia, paste week Steve Brewin won the NSW State Championships over Bundock who smashed his mast in the last races. More info at IACA official web:

In other foiling news this week also stay tuned for a Q&A with Alex Udin on the new Phantom Essentiel, a 4pt Foil  FP which is being sold as a more forgiving and accesible version of the 3pt Foil racing machine.

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