Nov 13, 2016

A-Class: Nov 2016 F1s Session @BA

Formual 18 Worlds are over and many sailors went back to sail As this weekend. I had to bring one of the F18s sailing from YCA at downtown to San Isidro, nice Northeast, which maintained intensity for a good A-Cat sessions , including the 4 F1s we have here. I went on the rib to drive for a photographer take some pics of my own.
Interesting testing upwind with 3 F1s using Mischa same sail vs one solo with Landys. Just informal testing as first A regatta will be held later this month , and on December 1,2,3 we will have a go at a first National on a lake 1hr from BA City.
On performance downwind, at least here in our river and on yesterday conditions, lots of room to improve on long haul stable flights. Only Mehl has mastered the technique in local Rio de la Plata waters who is also foiling in 7 knots and continue to test vmg on upwind flights. Lets see at Chascomus Lake how flat and no muddy waters affect flights.

The F18 Worlds left an excellent drive for the local F18 Class, with boats being sold and new people entering the fun mainly on the used boats price range. Now some of us will put time on the As again but we will continue sailing and racing both Classes, not much problems for us, we just have fun in any possible way. 3  crews are heading to St Barth. The Nacra F20s and the FP will be sailed again this season too.  -

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