Nov 15, 2016

World Sailing confirms Nacra 17 Foiling version for Tokyo 2020

Press release below & video sent by Gunnar Larsen / Nacra Sailing. For details on the upgrade kits, new boat details and considetations check previous post on Nacra 17 Class members vote:
World Sailing(formally known as ISAF) decision: “Flying” NACRA 17 will sail at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

November 2016, Barcelona, Spain
World Sailing Council just confirmed that the NACRA 17 will fly it’ s way to the Olympic games of Tokyo 2020. In the process over the last two years, the worldwide governing body of sailing (WORLD SAILING) initiated ­the process to investigate if the existing multihull (Nacra 17) could be converted from previous generation semi flying Nacra 17 to the full flying Nacra 17.

Nacra 17 class members in favour
In the lead up to the official announcement that the Nacra 17 will be flying at the Olympics. The class members and management went through their own process to decide if the Flying Nacra 17 was the right answer for them. Trials were organized by Nacra Sailing International and the top teams of the Nacra 17 class trialled the flying Nacra 17 for themselves, filled in surveys and which all was audited by the world wide governing body of sailing World Sailing. In the end the majority was in favour to make the transition towards the flying multihull at the Olympics.

Evolution of sailing sport
For World Sailing and the sport of sailing in general. It seems that this step to foiling equipment is the natural evolution for the sport. In the last year’s things has gone rapidly with developments of the sport. Not only will the Nacra 17 will be flying but at this same conference in Barcelona the “flying” Nacra 15 was confirmed as official equipment for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018. The Nacra 15 and Nacra 17 do provide a “High performance sailing pathway” for youth towards highest possible podium in sport; The Olympic Games

Video “flying” Nacra 17:
Video Nacra15:

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