Oct 5, 2016

Stunt 9 updates

Michele Petrucci is suffering the 'economic crisis' affecting the Catracing world real bad... poor guy, having to work extra hours to deliver S9s all over the World must be painful.
7 more S9 are on the way to the US, 4 more to New Caledonia and same pack for Italy.
At night he gathers with the two major A-Cat builders and together they whine about selling 150 As this year only...

On the Stunt 9 new competition I have received complains we are not promoting a new recreational foiler, the 'i-FLY15'  which is based on Michele's 4pt foil a la Moth concept, but I think instead of wasting time they better put some hours to gather good sailing pics, a decent video and send along to be published as all other projects do.  Some pics of the new boat in next post.